Smiles amid the Chaos

Smiles amid the Chaos

It was an odd Friday. It was unusual for me to be the one to pick up my daughter on the same day my husband was leaving to get our son. The long drive meant he would be gone for a while, so I decided to treat my little ladies to a girls’ night.

I was having a wonderful time. I had taken the girls out to Red Robin for some burgers and fries although I think our youngest ingested more ketchup than fries.

There were spills, sticky fingers and some wonderfully displayed tears. A kind server consoled tears with bright red balloons which were classically used to play whack-a-mole with delighted squeals the entire ride home.

To wash the sticky little ladies, I started a bubble bath. With shrill excitement the girls flung off their clothes in such a careless manner that a t-shirt landed in the toilet.  There were apologies from the guilty party for flinging water into the others eye. Water dripped from every soaked corner and puddled on the floor. I had to warn the older sister not to spit water at her younger sister.

Through all this chaos  I was beaming! I was filled with such love for these children that all of the nuances that would typically cause a mother to develop an eye twitch didn’t bother me at all. I was smiling all evening watching 2 out of our 3 children giggle, play and make memories. Many mothers will vent and declare that they desire to send their monsters to boarding school or other disgruntled comments and memes. What set me apart that night and how could I continue to be so overwhelmed with joy that the chaos didn’t bother me?

I was grateful!!! For this night I was the one who was granted the privilege to watch over my angels. I had endured the pain of missing 2 of our children and as a direct result I was able to truly be grateful to have them back! I know the good because I have passed through the sorrow. I am able to treasure these moments more because of the way my heart hurts when I miss them. I am humbled because I have such amazing children to enrich my life! I love being their mom! Every shrill squealing, sticky fingered, laud, chaotic moment of it!

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