We are still a family

We are still a family.

Single MomShortly after a wonderful vacation, just days before our 4 year anniversary, and a month before my 31st birthday, my husband called It-Quits on our marriage.


Still reeling with shock and confusion I tried

to get clarification. No marriage counseling, no more trying, just done.

I know the drill. I’ve been through this before. It really only takes one in a marriage to end it.

There’s no begging, no manipulating, no desperate pleas to beg him to stay in a commitment he no longer wants.

When one person wants a divorce, I have learned, you have no choice but to accept their decision.

So that’s it… Papers have been filed… again. (Divorce Papers…. Again) So, Divorce papers… again, again?

End of Story?

Not so fast.

Life goes on.

While the marriage may “end in divorce”, a family most certainly doesn’t. It goes on. More complicated, bruised and broken than ever before, but it goes on.

There are grieving children to help cope with what’s happened, moving, school, court, navigating life as a single mom, co-parenting with ex-spouses, finding some sense of normalcy in absolute chaos, finding personal healing through yet another divorce… There’s even a new chapter I’ve never experienced before. The world of the ex-Stepmother. I now am faced with my own version of grieving the loss of a child.

I thought about ending my stories. After all, who would want to listen to a single mom talk about family life?

But we are still a family.

We are still a familyIt’s different. It’s not “normal” or traditional by any means. But we are still a family.

My stories are meant to help, to heal and to give guidance for all of the unwritten and complicated stories that take place AFTER the “Happily Ever After.” Hopefully my tales of warning will help others write their stories a little better than I did.

It really doesn’t matter how broken or complicated your life has become. The end goal has always been to have a safe, happy home.

We are still a family.

And so is yours…

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